MTAC’s 18th Battalion

I Recently returned from Nashvile’s very own Middle Tennessee Anime Convention (aka MTAC), Accompanied by Swing, Richie, Patrick, Bethany and Michael! We had such a blast I even grabbed a few pictures that tell a heck of a story. We saw everything from Giant Pikachu’s Dance battling in the the Courtyard to Back to Back Vincent Valentine’s in the Artist’s Alley.

The bed’s were comfy, and it brought out the fish in all of us, Swing the most.

and the night life was jumping!

Patrick and I even met up with a super Secret Hot Tub Panel that wasn’t on the roster! They’ll be holding it again next year on Friday at 8pm, Be there, or be square! Big Shoutout to Big Scary Guy on Youtube

Lastly Patrick ran into a duel in the Hallway!

I hope this wasn’t too much of an overload! I had such a great time, we visited panels about animes, and one about building interesting worlds feel free to browse the photos we took, they should give a good idea of how great of a weekend we had.


The Room

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The room was small enough, but we made due


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