ReadyDriver Plus

When Using Vista (Or 7) x64( and x86 has also seen irritations like this ), you’re bound to find a Driver that Micro$oft hasn’t endorsed and signed, you know said driver works and you want to use it. Well, Vista x64 says No, you get nothing, No Un-Signed Driver for you! so what do you do about this?

Tap F8 repeatedly until it breaks, then select in the boot menu, disable driver signature enforcement manually every time you boot your Vista x64, How Bothersome… 

So this guy, Uhlik came out with a program called ReadyDriver, load some files onto a CD or USB stick and boot it off there, and Presto! Now I will give it to Uhlik, This is one awesome idea, so, what happens when I want to use my USB stick for something else? Now I’ve got no problems booting off a cd, but when I watch a movie or play a game, then reboot, I don’t want to have to hunt for the gor-am CD. How about you?

So I kept looking for an alternative, I will not be satisfied until this is solved, then I randomly stumbled on this, ReadyDriver Plus, an ‘upgraded’ ReadyDriver if you will… now I couldn’t find another website for this awesome find and I feared it would disappear into the net… so I decided to save it and Host it here, to at least preserve it.


V 1.2 Released!
~ Added Windows 7 Support.
~ Increased the time between keystrokes, to prevent accidentally selecting Safe Mode on some systems.

V 1.1 released
~ Fixes x64 Bug.
~ Works on both x64 and x86
~ Check install to prevent Double Install.

7 & Vista Users, Take Back your Computer’s Hardware!

Uhlik is not Responsible in whole or in part for any problems that occur from using ReadyDriver Plus, as these are considered ‘Modified Binaries’ and break his agreement.

Here Is Uhlik’s site, if your after the original.

Hashes: Make sure you’ve got the proper installer!

MD5: [ a4fb2686324a86842b282df20b7c4220 ]
SHA-1: [ 8cd9524ba83d122ff898f72c80f2ef32eaf6c313 ]