Indexer and Site Search

This Project Began When ITBoyKC and I Started Up Our Websites, His being a blog with a private access point for files on his computer, while mine was trying to be more of a website with that file access hidden within. We Soon Realized that it was very hard to recall where everything was located on eachother’s machines and we’d have to have a way to find files Easily… Kitty Began With Krysoft Search Witch Would Index a List of Html and other text Files for Specific Terms and write them to a long HTML list, Then the searcher would Search the Term (s) And Would Be Returned a Relevance Much like Google…. with some Tweaking Krysoft became a File indexer, Indexing Every File on the Computer ( that it is told to index ) and then I wrote a Front end PHP search engine to search the index. the indexer is written in PERL and outputs an index file ~600KB for 12k Files indexed, and it only takes about a minute or so to index on an acceptable machine spec wise. 

Future support:

[Problem] – [Status]
Fix The Path Search – Complete As Of v2.8 Final
Add Open Folder Link again – Incomplete
Add Request Fresh Index Link – Incomplete
~ With Anti-Flood/Ban Control?
Add Special Characters Allowed into Search Term – Complete As Of v2.9b
~ Added Support for the Following Special Characters:
~ \!@#$%^&*{}|;:,.<>¼?-_=+`~[Space]
[Urgent]Fix Random Search Bug(Submitted by Kitty) – Complete As of v2.9b
~ Minor Logic Problem Cause the User to get a “Your Search Term Is Too Short” Error
~ Thanks to Kitty for Locateing and Reporting.
Add A Better IP = Who Config – Incomplete
Better Config – Incomplete
Speed Optimizations? – Working(approx. 3.0)

Download The Search [ZIP] [RAR]
Download The Indexer [ZIP] [RAR]